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Why blog?

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Blogging is an opportunity to talk about something you care about, and because blogging is something you do online, it is an opportunity to reach a wide audience. Typically your blog will provide either an opportunity to reach others who share your particular interest, or it will be a vehicle for reaching potential clients for your business.

Aren’t there easier ways?

Twitter and Facebook accommodate short frequent posts, so why write the longer pieces that are more typical of a blog, and why bother to post at all on your own site?  This comes back to the passion you feel for your chosen topic, and whether you want to add depth to your site, something that a more simple, billboard style site can’t offer.

By describing a site as resembling a billboard, I mean that many sites, like billboards, contain static content that either changes rarely, or not at all. This is not to pass judgement on the value of a well-designed and attractive but unchanging site, however, without new content, the motivation for visitors to take another look is reduced. This is similar to why shops constantly juggle sales signs and send new flyers, they need to generate interest.

Deeper content can create deeper interest

Writing a blog can generate interest in your site, and this is especially true if you write on a special interest topic that might generate a following. You can maximise your following by broadcasting your latest posts across social media. This way people that wouldn’t ordinarily find your site might have a link to your blog sent to them. Your blog then is one more way to broaden the appeal of your site and to demonstrate your expertise in your business, or other interests. 



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