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Your brand needs online street appeal

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The big difference between online versus traditional marketing is how you find your audience. You know there’s not much point spending money on marketing if nobody ever sees it. Online marketing is still about your product, price, where it can be purchased, and how people find out about it, but the difference now is how to go about finding customers that are mobile, and are not easily found by simply posting a flier in a physical mail box.


Is your brand relevant?

A key to generating brand awareness is staying relevant. An emerging standard in marketing is social relevance, and in the digital age this translates to appealing and spreadable media, media that is easily exchanged between digital devices, and probably more importantly, being responsive to customers. It may be a surprise to some, but great service is a huge differentiator in the online business world.  



If you sell goods online, you already know that people are eager to shop this way but many are nervous about sharing their financial details on the Web. Consequently, your good reputation based on reliable financial transactions and great customer service is now more important than ever. There is a tendency for this to play into the hands of the established brands because they have already earned trust. Your objective then is to earn that trust too!


Start by developing your commercial presence so you can present visitors with quality content on your online store that shows off goods effectively, and makes purchasing them simple.



Defend against bad reviews online by exchanging goods and responding to feedback rapidly. Friends on social sites often tell each other about positive experiences online so in this way your good reviews will outweigh the bad.  


Tell a Brand story

Successful brands invariably revolve around good stories. You’ve seen how famous brands are consistently accompanied by stories about big personalities and the roller coaster rides they’ve had on the enterprises under their control. Social media plays to this love of stories, people like to be involved with the brands that they admire, so get creative and give them the opportunity.


Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that publishes videos on their YouTube channel. These are well produced experiences that provide access to fantastic worlds that reflect qualities they want associated with their brand. The good feelings created by these videos are repaid with reviews on social channels that amplify positive feelings about the brand.   


A positive online reputation counters negative reviews

Producing content that is popular not only generates good PR, over time it can create a buffer against negative reviews. This approach is almost essential because traditional marketing based on ‘interruption’, that is putting marketing material in front of people that they didn’t ask for i.e. TV ads, radio ads, is becoming easier to avoid. People will actively disengage from this force-feeding when they have a choice, so steadily building positive feelings by producing quality digital content that people like sharing and participating with is the way forward.



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