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You know your business, Show it!
When customers ask questions about your business, your answers are in effect, part of your content marketing effort. Despite the fact these answers represent just a fraction of your specialised knowledge, what you carry around in your head effectively means you already have a great place to start from when you are ready to expand your content marketing campaign. With your specialist knowledge you are able to rapidly understand and explain the latest products and trends that your customers are interested in. Share your knowledge. Customers are more likely to view your business positively if they find what they want when they visit you. This could tilt a purchasing decision in your favour. Think of it like this, content marketing is an opportunity to not only answer your customer queries in advance, it is also a chance to stand out as an authority in your area.

Buyers want facts they trust
Where do you go when you want quality information? You start by going to an authority. Your regular posts and special insights make it possible for you to be a ‘go to’ person. Whether you offer plumbing or computer services, your regular quality content can enhance your reputation as not only a reliable service provider, but as an authority to be consulted before making a decision. Best of all, your business benefits from the trust you create by giving great content. This is a key benefit you can achieve with your content marketing.

Your Grandparent’s generation trusted quality content
Content marketing is nothing new. Successful brands have always used it to win loyal followers. Examples given by contentmarketinginstitute.com include the Jell-O Recipe book that contributed to sales of over $1million by the year 1906. Consider how you might give tips that are useful to your customers while also illustrating the many and varied ways they can benefit from your services.

Better than paid search results
Krista LaRiviere from gShift Labs says in the video ‘The Power of Three: Content Marketing + SEO + Social Media’, 100% of Google and Bing searchers look at the organic results on the left of the results page while the paid ads on the right are completely ignored by 70-80%. Findings from GroupM, Neilson Research, and Forrester Research show that 94% of searchers click on the organic results on the left but only 6% click on the paid results on the right. Also, US marketers spend 88% of their budget on the paid results but only 12% on the organic results that attract the huge majority of people searching.

Save marketing dollars
These findings make it clear that online audiences are less interested in marketing that is focused on paid search results. This is not surprizing. Just as TV viewers record shows and skip ads when they view later, online audiences mostly avoid the ‘interruption’ of irrelevant ads whenever they can. By putting more effort into creating content your audience is interested in you stand to reduce your marketing budget while also positioning your online presence where people are looking. The online medium is increasingly the norm for sending marketing messages, so this approach is not only sensible, it is essential if you want to reach your audience.

If you already know about SEO (search engine optimization), and its relationship with good organic search results, you know these results are achieved by popular content that attracts frequent visitors. This underlines the fact that good content is at the heart of content marketing. Watch for upcoming posts on how to tune your SEO and content marketing or contact us directly for advice.



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On September 12, 2015, 10:32AM greta said
Submtting your website means basically telling them, 'Hey, I've gott a site here. In this way you can better understand if you should expect yiur rankins to increase. But if you are buying them to increase the SEO of your sight, then you should pribably hold on to your money since thhe search engines only allow no-follow links.


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